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  1. Sara Netanyahu asks court to approve plea bargain convicting her of fraudulently using state funds for meals.
  2. Cricket star-turned prime minister, Khan led Pakistan to the Cricket World Cup title in 1992.
  3. EU joins warning call as Muslims, activists and politicians report rising arrests and bullying attitude by police.
  4. Father's Day is a celebration observed worldwide, but where did it start? Here is the story.
  5. The number of HIV cases in southern Pakistan has spiked, and children seem to be the most affected.
  6. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called on any party 'exploiting case' to present evidence, in veiled attack on Turkey.
  7. Protesters demand extradition bill be scrapped permanently a day after city government suspended it indefinitely.
  8. Did the world notice?
  9. Ebola outbreak in the DRC is affecting urgent medical care for other diseases.
  10. Turkey's president says 'the S-400 issue is settled' after discussing it with Russia, Turkish broadcaster NTV reports.