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  1. Comments comes after visiting Iranian foreign minister said he was praying for the ruler's 'speedy recovery'.
  2. Gabbard's record on Syria, though it may appear as 'pro-peace' on the surface, actually aligns with regime propaganda.
  3. The tanker, on its way from Kenya to the DRC, exploded after losing control and crashing into three cars.
  4. Government buildings and commercial establishments burned as angry Papuans protest against arrest of students.
  5. Oil tanker at centre of major diplomatic dispute departs Gibraltar after court rejects US request to extend detention.
  6. Debate over marking 100th year of independence had been intensifying even before Kabul blast saw celebrations postponed.
  7. Sudan is now a nation waiting to see if its new government will be able to fulfil the demands of millions of its citizens.
  8. With 63 killed and nearly 200 injured, this was the deadliest explosion in Kabul in more than 18 months.
  9. Constituent Assembly leader and political ally of President Maduro met a Trump emissary last month in Caracas.
  10. Hearing will begin on August 26 to allow time for completion of a separate trial that revolves around SRC International.