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  1. Coordinated bombings rock churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing at least 290 people.
  2. At least 500 wounded as South Asian nation reels from the attacks that targeted churches and hotels across the country.
  3. Speculation is simmering that Abe will call a snap lower house election in tandem with the upper house poll this year.
  4. Official figures reveal almost 10 percent increase in violence in first quarter of this year compared with 2018.
  5. At least 25 people still buried in the mud and debris, local media reports said.
  6. Prime minister says government failed to take 'adequate precautions' despite being warned of potential church attacks.
  7. Border security and regional issues on the agenda as Pakistan's Imran Khan set to meet Iranian leaders on two-day visit.
  8. Officials say at least 227 people have been killed and 1,125 wounded in the weeks-long violence in Libya.
  9. The attackers were carrying machine guns, bombs and petrol bombs, state-owned Al Arabiya reported.
  10. 13 suspects arrested after a series of church and hotel bombings on Easter Sunday kills 207 people and wounds 450.