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  1. Suicide bomb attacks on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday left 290 dead and hundreds injured.
  2. Political novice Volodymyr Zelensky wins by a landslide as incumbent Petro Poroshenko admits defeat.
  3. Clinics are using "selective success rates" to target older women, the fertility watchdog warns.
  4. Faye Mooney, who was working in Nigeria, was one of two people shot dead by kidnappers.
  5. More than 50 firefighters battled the blaze on Sunday in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains.
  6. People without a bank account pay more for energy, loans and mobile phone deals, research suggests.
  7. The 16-year-old Swedish activist addresses the Extinction Rebellion protest in London.
  8. The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence calls for schools to teach tolerance at an early age.
  9. Detectives are assessing the calls for new leads in the mystery of a girl who has been missing 50 years.
  10. The group had been missing since last Wednesday whilst climbing Howse Peake in Banff National Park.