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  1. A general election would be the "change of direction" the UK needs, the Labour leader will say later.
  2. The duke says any suggestion he would "condone or participate in" exploitation is "abhorrent".
  3. The ship heads into the Mediterranean after Gibraltar rejected a US request to again seize it.
  4. An Alaska man discovers the pristine 50-year-old message in a bottle while hunting for firewood.
  5. Jouma and his family were fleeing their home when an air strike hit, leaving him blind aged three.
  6. A serving of cauliflower comedy beat the rest of the funny offerings to be crowned "Joke of the Fringe".
  7. The Canary Islands regional president said the fires were out of control.
  8. Lucas Dobson, six, fell into the River Stour in Kent on Saturday and has not been seen since.
  9. The US president and his economic adviser Larry Kudlow both say they do not see a recession in the US.
  10. Mirwais Elmi and his bride survived but many relatives are among the 63 killed in Saturday's attack.