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  1. The ship heads into the Mediterranean after Gibraltar rejected a US request to again seize it.
  2. Mirwais Elmi and his bride survived but many relatives are among the 63 killed in Saturday's attack.
  3. Jouma and his family were fleeing their home when an air strike hit, leaving him blind aged three.
  4. James Reardon had weapons and white nationalist material at his Ohio home, police said.
  5. The Canary Islands regional president said the fires were out of control.
  6. Explosives might be used to free two cavers trapped since Saturday in the Tatra mountains.
  7. An Alaska man discovers the pristine 50-year-old message in a bottle while hunting for firewood.
  8. Three people are killed and several hurt in fighting between fans, after a team bus is attacked.
  9. Organisers say 1.7 million people joined a pro-democracy protest, while police gave a lower figure.
  10. A plaque placed on Sunday commemorates Okjokull glacier, which was officially declared dead in 2014.