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  1. The govt on Friday announced a Rs 1.45 lakh crore fiscal stimulus that includes slashing corporate tax to 22% from 29.5% for companies that do not seek exemptions, 15% for new manufacturing start-ups as well a cut down on MAT (minimum alternate tax). The govt has opted to promulgate an ordinance to usher in amendments to the Income Tax Act & Finance Act.​
  2. Markets roared back to life on Friday, with the Sensex posting its biggest single-day jump in over a decade at 1,921 points. In the process, ​investors' wealth soared by a staggering Rs 7.1 lakh crore, after finance minister announced a cut in corporate tax rates​​. ​Among the sensex stocks, HDFC Bank, up 9.1%, was the biggest contributor to the index’s gain.
  3. India's UN envoy Syed Akbaruddin said if Pakistan stooped low, India would soar high with its response. "What Pakistan leaders to do is their call. We've seen them mainstream terrorism in the past," he said. Pak PM Imran Khan is likely to raise the Kashmir issue at the UNGA session in New York on September 27. PM Modi is also scheduled to speak on the same day.
  4. For the first time in its nearly 70-year-long history, the SC is set to have a permanent five-judge Constitution bench, to be available round the year to adjudicate complex constitutional questions and interpret laws. With the setting up of a permanent five-judge Constitution bench, as many as 20 of the 34 benches would be engaged in adjudicating important matters.