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  1. A Pak spy who went by the name 'Sejal Kapoor' used malware called 'Whisper' to hack into the computer systems of more than 98 officials from various defence forces and organisations, including the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, paramilitary forces and state police personnel in Rajasthan, MP, Punjab and UP between 2015 and 2018. She used her videos and pictures to trap targets.
  2. In a move that could widen the row over tariffs and trade, the United States has told India it is considering caps on H-1B work visas for countries that force foreign companies to store data locally. India, which has upset firms such as Mastercard and irked the US government with stringent new rules on data storage, is the largest recipient of these temporary visas.
  3. In the next four years, you can hope to reach Mumbai from Delhi in just 10 hours boarding a superfast train. The railways has set the target to increase the maximum speed of trains on these routes to 160 kmph to cut down the travel time between the national capital and financial capital by five hours.
  4. A clutch of houses in Chah Pokhar in Achnera block of Agra have turned into graveyards as families are forced to bury their departed in their homes due to lack of a burial ground. As a result, the dead here are a constant part of day-to-day life. TOI found women cooking next to where their children were buried while the elderly rested on cots in a backyard full of graves.
  5. MUMBAI: After Monday's arrest of the woman who accused actor Karan Oberoi of rape for staging an assault on herself, several citizens spoke of the need for gender-neutral laws on social media.