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  1. Tens of thousands swarm streets in march against unpopular extradition bill and call for it and chief executive to go.
  2. Jenny fled the DRC and now runs an activist network from the UK, using free wifi at the library and 24-hour McDonald's.
  3. EU joins warning call as Muslims, activists and politicians report rising arrests in Sri Lanka and police bullying.
  4. Presidential candidates' proposals to address migration range from farmer support to US military bases
  5. It is a new trend in the US, some stores are no longer accepting cash. But what if you don't have a debit or credit card?
  6. Another extension for Iraq, but what happens to its energy supply when the US finally calls time on trade with Iran.
  7. Sara Netanyahu asks court to approve plea bargain convicting her of fraudulently using state funds for meals.
  8. Cricket captain-turned prime minister, Khan led Pakistan to the World Cup title in 1992.
  9. Father's Day is a celebration observed worldwide, but where did it start? Here is the story.
  10. The number of HIV cases in southern Pakistan has spiked, and children seem to be the most affected.