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  1. Spain's Supreme Court sentences nine, including former Catalonian vice president Oriol Junqueras, for independence bid.
  2. SDF announces deal with Damascus on a Syrian troop deployment near Turkey border to counter Ankara's offensive.
  3. The general election was considered the most important since 1989, when Poland's transition to democracy began.
  4. Early official results show populist Law and Justice party set to win with 49.3 percent of vote.
  5. The couple will be accorded a red carpet welcome in the first visit by UK royals to the country in more than a decade.
  6. Environmental campaigner and lawyer Golfrid Siregar was found dead by the side of the road in suspicious circumstances.
  7. India says call facilities on post-paid cellphone connections restored after over two months of communications lockdown.
  8. Cho Kuk, who was appointed last month, faced resignation calls after allegations of impropriety by family members.
  9. Stalemate likely between Spanish government and secessionist leaders in run-up to trial results.
  10. Rescue efforts under way and power being restored after powerful typhoon swamps Nagano, gateway to the Japanese Alps.