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  1. For a number of years, you've needed to use a cable to when connecting your phone to your car to take advantage of Android Auto - but on the new VW ID.3
  2. The biennial IAA motor show in Frankfurt was always going to be big, with big brands continuing to push their agenda of change, looking to reposition themselves
  3. Hyundai has revealed its first ever electric race car - the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR - that will compete in the new ETCR (electric touring car racing) championship
  4. Volkswagen has pulled the covers off the ID.3, stripped away the camouflage, and revealed the model that's driving VW into the future.On the surface this
  5. One of the most anticipated new electric cars has been officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Honda e is a refreshing electric rethinking
  6. During its Model Y reveal event in March, Tesla teased an all-electric pickup truck to be unveiled this summer.However, it is now September and there
  7. After what seems like several years of teasing, Porsche has officially unveiled the Taycan, it's pure electric sports car.It takes inspiration from the
  8. Many say that the Nissan Juke basically invented the crossover segment. Sure, Nissan's Qashqai is also credited with the meteoric rise of the SUV in popularity,
  9. When the new BMW X5 was launched in 2018, we criticised the lack of a hybrid option. But the delay appears to have been worth it, as the BMW X5 xDrive
  10. Porsche has revealed what to expect inside its first all-electric sportscar - the Taycan - and it's glorious. The Porsche Taycan will be presented in
  11. When you think of the James Bond films and vehicles in the same sentence, you probably immediately think of Aston Martin. Bond's chosen mode of transport
  12. Mini pitches itself at youthful tech-savvy people who want a car that's personalised and fun, while not missing out on any of the core technology essentials.It
  13. Hyundai unveiled plans to add solar panelling to electric and hybrid vehicles back in October 2018 and now its first production car featuring the technology
  14. Audi is getting into the e-scooter craze.While it's not launching a fleet of rentable electronic scooters just yet, it is unveiling an e-scooter concept.
  15. Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter that Tesla owners will soon have the ability to watch YouTube or Netflix on the big screen of their Tesla car.Before