N.Y. Times news on Electric and Hybrid vehicles

chart outlining the cost benefits of electric cars and vehicles


  1. Breakdowns, illness and language barriers, but also freedom that a guided tour will never offer.
  2. The Cyber Tire from Pirelli can sense if a car is slipping and warn the driver or the car to make adjustments.
  3. Jackie Heinricher built an all-star team of female racecar drivers. Then the money ran out.
  4. The automaker said it was trying to recoup monetary damages its former chairman had inflicted on the company.
  5. The automaker named Jim Farley, its head of strategy, as chief operating officer. He will report to Jim Hackett, the C.E.O.
  6. Electric Hummers and Cybertrucks are just the beginning when it comes to sustainable trucks and S.U.V.s.
  7. Biometric sensors are getting lighter, cheaper and more accurate, and could help warn drivers before they become too fatigued.
  8. Hyundai will idle plants in South Korea, pointing to a shortage of components due to the coronavirus outbreak and hinting at trouble for other manufacturers.
  9. Traders who bet against Tesla’s success could be the ones now pushing the share price higher.
  10. The classic auto market, humming just a few years ago, appears to be sliding into a downturn.
  11. The electric-car maker and its chief, Elon Musk, head into a potentially crucial year on a positive note.
  12. Luca de Meo, a marketing specialist, will need to repair the French carmaker’s troubled alliance with Nissan.
  13. Rental car companies increasingly offer transponders for cashless tolls, but in some cases, travelers end up paying more than they need to.
  14. States’ voters approved $7.7 billion in transportation spending last year, but the federal government needs to do more to fix the nation’s ragged roadways, highway and engineering experts say.
  15. The futuristic Origin, which seats six passengers and lacks a steering wheel, will require intensive testing and regulatory scrutiny before it can hit the streets.