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  1. Even though the servers used today can handle many more players than they could in 2006, some servers are already hugely overcrowded as launch day approaches.
  2. I had heard for years that the Game Gear library is not very good, but that's not true. Let's explore underrated and overlooked games from Sega's first handheld console.
  3. Cooler Master's light, compact SK630 gives us good reason to start thinking more about a low-profile mechanical keyboard.
  4. The comfortable, light, and quick Razer Viper refines the company's esports offerings with an excellent gaming mouse.
  5. If you're among the Xbox One faithful and wondering how you can squeeze every last drop of digital delight out of Microsoft's console, try these tips and tricks.
  6. Walmart is temporarily pulling the violent video game signage from stores in response to the El Paso, Texas, shooting. However, the company continues to sell actual guns, which has sparked anger among internet users and gamers.
  7. In a major shakeup for the streaming world, the megastar gamer will leave Twitch and stream exclusively on Microsoft's Mixer service starting Aug. 2.
  8. The tech industry has been warning the White House the new tariffs risks increasing the costs of consumer electronics, including, smartphones, laptops and video game consoles, many of which are assembled in Chinese factories.
  9. As summer comes to a close, publishers are pushing out some must-buy games before the holiday rush. Add these gems to your shopping cart and get playing.
  10. The Anti-Defamation League finds that 65 percent of online gamers have experienced 'severe harassment' from other players. Some gamers also report encountering white supremacism.