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  1. Have you kept up with this week’s smartphone news? Smartphone shipments declined. Again. Apple’s iPhone revenue is dropping. Apple added a “software lock" to discourage you from replacing your iPhone battery. And smartphone manufacturing is fleeing China.

    This is all presented as bad news. In fact, it’s all good news. Here’s why.


  2. Have you heard the one about the “splinternet”? It’s the idea that the internet could someday be split into different national or regional mini-internets.

    It’s usually talked about as something that could happen someday, or that is beginning to happen.

    I’ve got news for you: It’s already happened. The splinternet is here.

    It’s time to stop

  3. In an age of mass production, the global internet and digital everything, the most valuable commodities have become time and attention. And everybody wants yours.

    Your work demands them. Advertisers need them. Broadcast media crave them. Social networks want them. Marketers, charity panhandlers, evangelists, celebrities, smartphone apps, political

  4. Google. You either love it, hate it or, most likely, love to hate it.

    It sounds strange to say this about a massively profitable and venerable Silicon Valley giant, but Google’s really got a lot of potential.

    Google has some of the most powerful cloud services, industry-leading artificial intelligence, incredible content and even brilliant

  5. Suddenly, everybody’s talking about ambient computing. I blame Intel, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

    Ambient computing is real. It’s the next megatrend in computing.

    Ambient means “in the air” or “present on all sides” or “all around us.” To interact in an “ambient computing” context means to not care and not even necessarily know

  6. Someday augmented reality will become a mainstream feature of ordinary eyeglasses and sunglasses for everyday, general-purpose consumer use. But that day is many years in the future.

    Reading the news, it’s easy to conclude that consumer smart glasses are on the brink of becoming available.

    Apple is famously toiling away on future iGlasses, or

  7. Pop the champagne! The 5G revolution is here!

    This new generation of cellular networking technologies promises to usher in a world of better-than-gigabit downloads on mobile devices and enable next-generation autonomous vehicles, remote telemedicine and high-speed IoT devices.

    The devices are here! Verizon shipped its

  8. Facebook is working on its third virtual assistant.

    That Facebook would pursue a voice-based, artificially intelligent interface is hardly surprising. A list of the world’s biggest eight companies by market cap contains the complete roster of seven major players in the virtual assistant market: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Facebook,

  9. The smart speaker space is one of the most innovative and fast-moving in the industry. The sales figures are impressive, but very little of the market’s growth is driven by business users. Businesses haven’t climbed aboard because there’s been no killer app, something that’s so useful that it motivates businesses to buy the hardware that runs it.


  10. The worst thing about digital distraction is that the problem keeps growing. The time spent, the distraction, the damage — the toll of smartphone addiction never stops increasing.

    I have come up with a simple solution that will not only improve your life, and the life of your company, but also get Google to buy you a brand-new phone every year — read