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  1. amazon van

    • A slew of Amazon delivery-service partners (DSPs) nationwide have
  2. Jay Carney

  3. Kroger

    • A recall has been issued for chicken sold at supermarkets nationwide, including Giant,
  4. Lidl   65 of 71

    • Lidl said Tuesday that it will provide medical benefits to all part-time employees starting January
  5. Kroger15

  6. Kroger8

    • Kroger is laying off hundreds of store employees, Business Insider has learned. 
    • Kroger's store operating
  7. Jeff Yurcisin Zulily

    • Starting Wednesday, Zulily's site will list prices advertised by competitors
  8. whole foods cheese

    • Whole Foods has recalled Dorset cheese over concerns of a possible listeria
  9. drive thru

    • Dunkin' has the fastest drive-thru wait times and
  10. Evelyn Udell

    • A 75-year-old woman died in August after police said she was violently attacked by a man contracted by Best Buy to