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  1. Venezuela's Maduro says the countries have been talking 'for months', but it's unknown which officials are involved.
  2. Officials say more than 160 being treated in hospital, 30 of them in critical condition, after Saturday's blast.
  3. Brazilian Amazon beset by raging fires, prompting fresh scrutiny of President Bolsonaro's environmental stewardship.
  4. Australian PM says it's within country's 'national interest' to work with US-led security mission.
  5. Two people, including a police officer, killed in a gun battle between armed rebels and soldiers in Baramulla district.
  6. Clash in Baramulla the first to be reported by officials since India revoked the region's autonomy and imposed a curfew.
  7. Mexico City court allows two people to use cocaine recreationally in the first ruling of its kind in the country.
  8. At least 300 troops arrive in Manokwari as protests spread with reports of a prison break and airport attack in Sorong.
  9. Amid ongoing attacks against Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, Trumps calls majority of Jews in the US uninformed.
  10. Once completed, it will be the first FIFA World Cup stadium that can be fully dismantled.