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  1. In a major shift in alliance, Kurdish forces announce deal with Damascus on Syrian troop deployment near Turkey border.
  2. The UAE is reportedly seeking to have Al Jazeera registered as a foreign agent in the United States.
  3. Son of Democratic presidential hopeful has faced numerous unsubstantiated attacks from Donald Trump.
  4. Independent candidate Kais Saied forecast by polling agencies to win presidential runoff by a landslide.
  5. SDF announces deal with Damascus on a Syrian troop deployment near Turkey border to counter Ankara's offensive.
  6. The Bolivian president has led the country for 13 years but his bid for a fourth term is testing his popularity.
  7. Reports of breakout from facility in Ain Issa amid ongoing Turkish offensive and US announcement of troop pull-out.
  8. Populist Law and Justice party set to win with 43.6 percent of votes, exit polls say.
  9. A year after a mass caravan departed Honduras, a new group tried to head to US from southern Mexico, but was stopped.
  10. Police fatally shoot 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson through window of her home after request to check on her welfare.