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  1. It comes after the PM said the plan to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland was "anti-democratic".
  2. It will look at the costs and benefits, with a “go or no-go" decision by the end of the year.
  3. Office blocks are also being used to house families as 210,000 children are estimated to be homeless.
  4. The Hong Kong consulate worker was detained for violating the law, China's foreign ministry says.
  5. The US president abruptly cancels his visit after the Danish PM says he cannot purchase Greenland.
  6. Pell, the most senior Catholic cleric to be convicted of sexual abuse, will complete a six-year sentence.
  7. Fires in the Amazon have risen 84% amid growing deforestation, Brazil's space research agency says.
  8. Mary Cavner was forced to work at a Magdalene Laundry after her father died when she was 11.
  9. Dmitry and Olga Prokazov also face a criminal case after footage featuring their baby was posted online.
  10. The £1.2bn surplus was much lower than the £2.7bn analysts had been expecting.