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  1. Lawmakers are voting Thursday on a bill to rein in drug costs. President Trump has vowed to veto it. But the plan shares a lot with other bipartisan efforts. Here's how it would work.
  2. The suits allege that Trump is violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution — and demand that the president divest from his private dealings.
  3. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death in 2015. On Thursday his attorneys will argue, among other things, that the jury was biased and Tsarnaev couldn't get a fair trial in Boston.
  4. The suicide of a construction worker in 2014 became a pivotal event for the Denver-based company that employed him. The death led management to make mental health care a part of the workplace culture.
  5. It isn't clear how many of Weinstein's accusers will agree to the deal. He still faces criminal charges in New York next month for sexually assaulting two women.
  6. The Trump administration insists it has the legal authority, under an emergency proclamation, to redirect defense funds away from other projects and spend the money on the border wall.
  7. The ruling comes in response to a lawsuit arguing the president overstepped his authority in diverting funds to the border wall which were appropriated by Congress for other purposes.
  8. The controversial painting depicts the Mexican revolutionary hero naked, flirtatiously glancing over his left shoulder as he rides an aroused white stallion. His only wardrobe: a pink hat and heels.
  9. The legislation would fast-track citizenship for scores of other immigrants living in the country.
  10. Each of the United States' four presidential impeachment proceedings has highlighted increasingly sophisticated technologies, beginning with telegrams in the case against Andrew Johnson.