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  1. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya leaves Belarus as protests continue over Sunday's disputed elections.
  2. The US president returned minutes later, saying that the Secret Service had shot a suspect.
  3. The prime minister announced the move in a TV address as clashes continued for a third day.
  4. A plastic surgeon is offering free surgery to people like Romy, who was driving near the port when the blast hit.
  5. Scott Tracey used the scene from Downfall to portray scenes from company wage negotiations.
  6. In an apparent show of solidarity for the paper queues to bulk buy copies began forming at 0230.
  7. One person was killed and four others seriously injured as a result of the blast.
  8. The virus-free Northern Territory will continue to ban visitors from Victoria and New South Wales.
  9. The company's share price has soared, helping to boost the personal wealth of its chief executive.
  10. The expulsions are reportedly related to the murder of a Georgian man in Berlin last year.