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  1. Palestinians and the Israeli security forces clash during protests in the occupied West Bank.
  2. Elise Stefanik's win is seen as a sign that former President Trump's grip on the party remains strong.
  3. Wealthier nations should instead donate more vaccines to low-income countries, the health body says.
  4. At least 12 people are killed in the Afghan capital on day two of a ceasefire to mark Ramadan's end.
  5. The daring feline leapt from a burning building in Chicago, Illinois, and landed on grass.
  6. Thousands protest against racism and police violence, a week after a deadly raid in a slum in Rio.
  7. A major US chain acts after a customer pulled a gun in a fight over the collectible trading cards.
  8. The building is part of a new memorial at Babyn Yar, a site where nearly 34,000 Jews were murdered.
  9. Siberian prisoners recreate a London scene for phone calls - and the guards are proud of them.
  10. President Kenyatta's plan to change the constitution is blocked after the court said it was illegal.