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  1. A French minister says the boat did not have a licence to fish in French waters and was seized.
  2. It is likely to contribute to the global supply chain crisis and inflation, analysts told the BBC.
  3. Ahead of COP26, a BBC World Service poll finds growing support for strong political leadership.
  4. Gen Milley's comments were the first US acknowledgment of claims China tested a hypersonic missile.
  5. Several people have been arrested for supporting Pakistan during Sunday's T20 World Cup cricket game.
  6. A US prosecutor says "all options are on the table" over the shooting involving actor Alec Baldwin.
  7. The decision is being seen as part of a larger bid to crackdown on vanity projects.
  8. Pressure mounts on the military to restore civilian rule as international bodies respond.
  9. The visit follows renewed attention on indigenous children who died at residential schools.
  10. The ruling is the latest step in an escalating dispute over Poland's legal reforms.