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  1. Older French patients can now get the jab, which had been initially limited to those aged under 65.
  2. A group of nearly 300 girls are released after they were abducted from their school last week.
  3. The two allegedly helped the ex-Nissan boss escape Japan while he was on bail for financial crimes.
  4. The Tower Of The Koutoubia Mosque, owned by the actress, is sold to an unidentified buyer.
  5. Three women, who faced up to two years in jail, were found not guilty of offending religious feelings.
  6. A top health expert says highly contagious variants of the virus pose a "real threat" to the US.
  7. Thousands of flamingos migrate to western India every year in search for food and nesting grounds.
  8. The ex-president, found guilty of trying to bribe a judge, will remain free while he appeals.
  9. The Swedish firm is to phase out all models with internal combustion engines over the next few years.
  10. UN investigators say many of those arbitrarily detained during the civil war are presumed dead.