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  1. The Republican and the Democratic campaigns accuse each other of trying to dodge tough questions.
  2. In all, 15 people are now in custody after the murder of teacher Samuel Paty near Paris.
  3. The Big Lebowski actor acknowledges it "is a serious disease" but says his prognosis is good.
  4. The South American nation becomes the fifth country in the world to reach the grim milestone.
  5. The US president says he will act once Sudan pays $335m to "US terror victims and families".
  6. The Cameron Peak wildfire has become the largest fire in state history, burning over 200,000 acres.
  7. Town residents pick Val-des-Sources to replace the moniker that paid homage to its mining history.
  8. UK officials say Russian intelligence took aim at the 2020 Olympics before they were delayed.
  9. Public buildings receive €500m of German state cash to improve ventilation systems.
  10. Both sides say their officials were injured at an event organised to mark Taiwan's national day.