"Scrooge McDuck" and "Donald Duck" comic strip art signed by Carl Barks

Most everyone likes comics. Nowadays, really good comic strip concepts get turned into comic book movies, television shows, or streaming series from DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, Fantagraphics Books or various Manga publishers. And they are likely to be ultimately deployed as webcomics, some that may be free. Consider this page as your discovery portal to the comic book, graphic novel and manga universe.

While legacy comics (Marvel, DC Entertainment, Aspen Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Comics, various Manga offerings) remain ever so visible by way of their adaptation into a comic book movie, television, games, streaming adaptations, or just long-running print distribution, a newer generation of comic book artists look to create the next generation of comic book ideas, bypassing print and maybe comic book publishers altogether to offer webcomics in their own webspace.

Historically, (and most particularly in the United States) comic strip formats have been constrained within various formats. The newspaper comics page can reflect varied genres and themes conceptualized by the restrictions of a daily edition or a larger Sunday edition. The comic book is recognized as a (smaller) magazine or pamphlet that can stand on its own or be a part of a series. A series is also sometimes called a title, which refers to the entire series, not a single, discrete unit.

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Multiple comics issues of a series may be collected into a single volume. It can be hardcover or softcover. Softcover editions are often called trade paperbacks, or just trades, regardless of size. A hardcover or a softcover can also be called a graphic novel which came into being in the late 1980s.

Indie comics (otherwise known as alternative, post-underground comics, independent comics, auteur comics, small press comics, new wave comics, creator-owned comics, art comics, literary comics) usually provide an alternative to recognizable superhero, sci-fi fantasy or comedy comics can be published within a limited distribution, and published with less regard for regular distribution schedules. Then, of course, there are webcomics.

Make sure to peruse the selection of webcomics that have been curated for your enjoyment. For aspiring comic art creators, find below the known comic strip publishers, their city/country location and a handy link to their website (with a submissions link noted if available). The listing reflects a mix of some of the better known comic strip publishers as well as those that are much smaller (or not as well known commercially) and perhaps more suited to a form of alternative comics.


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Comic Book and Graphic Novel Publishers

The following listings are of comic book publishers. Some names are sure to be very familiar to the average comic book fan. Other, less recognizable names are of smaller, alternative and niche comic book presses, graphic novel, manga and webcomic publishers. You will need to click through to the particular comics or graphic novel publisher to learn of the particular genre they accept.

1First Comics - Chicago, Illinois - submission link

12 bis - Paris, France - submission link

12-Gauge Comics - Birmingham, Alabama - submission link

2000 AD - Oxford, England - submission link

215 Ink - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - submission link

451 Media Group - New York, New York - submission link

AAM Markosia - London, England, UK - submission link

Aardvark-Vanaheim - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - submission link (n/a)

About Comics - Camarillo, California - submission link

Action Lab Comics - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - submission link

AdHouse Books - Richmond, Virginia - submission link

Aftershock Comics - Sherman Oaks, California - submission link

Ahoy Comics - Syracuse, New York - submission link

Alterna Comics - Newfields, New Hampshire - submission link

Antarctic Press - San Antonio, Texas - submission link

Avatar Press - Rantoul, Illinois - submission link

Benitez Productions - Los Angeles, California - submission link

BHP Comics - Glasgow, Scotland - submission link

Black Mask Studios - Los Angeles, California - submission link

Blank Slate Books - London, United Kingdom - submission link

Blue Fox Comics - Linlithgow, West Lothian, UK - submission link

Boom Studios - Los Angeles, California - submission link

Caliber Comics - Canton, Michigan - submission link

Comics Experience Publishing - Louisville, Kentucky - submission link

Committed Comics - Seattle, Washington - submission link

Dark Horse Comics - Milwaukee, Oregon - submission link

DC Comics - Burbank, California - submission link

Dead Reckoning - Annapolis, Maryland - submission link

Deadstar Publishing - Cardiff, Wales - submission link

Drawn & Quarterly - Montreal, Quebec - submission link

Dynamite Entertainment - Mt. Laurel, New Jersey - submission link

Fantagraphics Books - Seattle, Washington - submission link

G.E.E. Comics - Quebec Canada - submission link

Golden Liberty Comics - Greenvale, New York - submission link

Heavy Metal - Easthampton, Massachusetts - submission link

Hound Comics - Bethpage, New York - submission link

Humanoids - Los Angeles, California - submission link

Image Comics - Portland, Oregon - submission link

Iron Circus Comics - Chicago, Illinois - submission link

Lady Death Universe - Scottsdale, Arizona - submission link

Lion Forge Comics - St. Louis, Missouri - submission link

Marvel Comics - New York, New York - submission link

NBM Graphic Novels - New York, New York - submission link

Nobrow Press Ltd. - London, United Kingdom - submission link

Northwest Press - Seattle, Washington - submission link

Red 5 Comics - Cypress, Texas - submission link

Red Giant Entertainment - Clermont, Florida - submission link

Scout Comics - Fort Myers, Florida - submission link

Secret Acres - Palm Springs, California - submission link

SelfMadeHero Graphic Novels - London, United Kingdom - submission link

Silver Sprocket - San Francisco, California - submission link

Soaring Penguin Press - Vancouver, Canada - submission link

Stranger Comics - Los Angeles, California - submission link

Timebomb Comics - Birmingham, England - submission link

Titan Comics and Magazines - Bankside, London, England, UK - submission link

Toho Comics/Toho Kingdom - Los Angeles, California - submission link

Top Cow - Los Angeles, California - submission link

Top Shelf Productions - Marietta, Georgia - submission link

Valiant Entertainment - New York, New York - submission link


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Comic Book Publisher news via Twitter

You can unveil a world of international comic strip, webcomics, and graphic novel publishers from this Twitter feed. Track the news, intentions and buzz the heart of the comic book industry is planning. Expect this Twitter list to contain more sources than the "Comic Book and Graphic Novel Publishers" details above. New publishers and sources of comic strips will be added over time.



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