Workcation travel in Paris, France

Reportedly, a new generation of hotels is emerging that can be found in trendy popular districts on the Right Bank: Pigalle, Ménilmontant, République, Bastille, the Sentier, the Marais, or even in the 20th arrondissement. And they are said to be very affordable. PARiS, Official website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, may help you in your search for such accommodations. Short-term rental apartments also seem to be in abundance, and websites such as ParisAttitude, Short Stay Paris Apartments, and, should be able to help with the search.

There are known to be hundreds of municipal public wifi hotspots in Paris, often indicated by signs that have four purple dot markers, the largest of which has the Wifi symbol inside and, below, it says “Zone Wi-Fi”. This can include free WiFi zones in many of the city's parks, squares, public libraries, city-run museums, and other spots. Most restaurants, cafes, and bars in Paris offer free wifi as well. It is important to note that municipal wifi service may shut down at or close to business hours. Certainly, something to keep in mind. For further guidance consult the wifi hotspot location chart with maps at this link when you are in Paris.

Workcation resources of particular interest to travelers have been added to the Google map as round lavender markers with a white star inset. Although they will only be a limited sample of what is fully available. Make sure to search fully if your needs go beyond what is shown on the Google map for other options.

Find remote work resources on your workcation trip to Paris, France

View the Google map of Paris below to locate remote work resources during your stay in the area. Starting from the city center you will find essential remote work resources and lodging to have a productive workcation in Paris. Emphasis is placed on workcation resources, highlighted by the white star within the purple dot, that include:

  • Coworking and office space
  • Transportation hubs
  • FedEx shipping and office resources
  • Various research libraries
  • Post Office branches



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The Google Map on the page has been customized to show you remote work resources that include coworking spaces, public transportation stations, Federal Express shipping, and office services, libraries for research and reading, and government postal locations. The commercial and business categories included on the map by the purple dots are not exhaustive, so users are encouraged to enter search terms in the map search box to bring up additional locations. In addition, you can use the map to search for lodging accommodations, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and any other commercial service that is not included in the customized category.






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