Playing Uphill Rush you water sled it across a fun, mountainous, tropical island, specifically outfitted for water-sport amusement and pleasure. After making a climb up an incline, you find yourself slushed down into a resort swimming pool, sometimes bumping over people relaxing in a pool chair as you make your way toward the finish line.

At the start of Uphill Rush, you receive prompts that take you to a control panel for gear outfitting and game pace settings. Here you make selections to select the type of water sled you will ride on and the speed/acceleration it will move at. There may be other selections that you can make, most of which may be locked at this initial stage of the game. Control the pace of Uphill Rush with the arrow keys. Accelerate with the up arrow and ignite the turbo with the space bar (depending on OS platform). Game settings and options that are presented to you at the start of every new level can change as you advance through the levels.

Speed and thrust from the downhill slopes will help you develop momentum to climb the uphill slopes – thus the name Uphill Rush. Through most of the run, the course will resemble a water slide roller coaster ride as you race down the fun and challenging slides in the waterpark. Try to keep the float balanced, because the aim is to reach the end of each ride without tipping the floating sled over and falling into the water. Any collected coins can be used to unlock new floats and upgrade the player gear. Make sure to view the posted video below to gain any further tips, tricks, and insights on playing Uphill Rush.

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