All skateboard enthusiasts can enjoy Skateboard City, a game in which you skate till you collect all stars to complete the level. This is a game in which you will be tasked to perform the most difficult skateboard tricks.

In playing Skateboard City you will be able to choose between a free ride or undergoing missions where you have to follow certain instructions to get your points. To start skating you need to push the right arrow To control the skater use arrow keys To make tricks use Z and X to jump use the "space" button For the mobile version the control will appear on the screen of your device. You primarily work with three keys (arrows right, left) to control most actions. You have an option to select the location to skate in. When you enter a location, the stars will readily appear. They help you gain scores in the game.

Your task is to collect all the stars without falling from the skateboard since falling from the skateboard ends the game, then requiring you to play that level from its beginning. The important point is each level has only one life, so if you fall, there is no more option for you than playing the level from the beginning in the simulation game. You want to Collect all the starts there to complete each level. A freestyle mode will be integrated at some point to update the game level. You can view a helpful walkthrough video for Skateboard City to show you tips and tricks to have mastery over the game.


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