Bitcoin, the mercurial money-making fascination has now been turned into a game, Bitcoin Clicker, a cryptocurrency mining game where you click away to simulate the mining process and earn Bitcoin virtual currency.

At game start, after entering the number of Bitcoin you wish to mine for U.S. dollars, you get underway by repeatedly clicking the Bitcoin logo with the yellow background and black lettering as you watch the number of bitcoin increase through the BTC tracker readout. When you decide you have acquired enough Bitcoins, exchange them for dollars (game currency) and visit the shop through the provided link to buy upgrades to speed up mining.

After mining any amount of Bitcoin you then have the option to exchange what you have mined. Enter a number of mined Bitcoins to redeem into the "Enter BTC:" slot using the numerical format: "0.0000" and replace the zeros with a number of Bitcoin that is available from your BTC tracker. In this game, 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $40,000. On your Bitcoin tracker, one full BTC would appear as 1.0000. From earnings, miners can purchase video cards, assemble stands and use those to earn valuable coins, which they then sell, or sell at a later date with an eye toward getting a better exchange rate.

The heart of the Bitcoin process is the open public ledger, called the “Blockchain.” It is a database record of every transaction that allows the transfer of value within computer networks. Miners are members of the general public using their computers to help validate and timestamp transactions, then adding them to the ledger forming the backbone of the Blockchain system. Miners have a financial incentive to maintain the security of a cryptocurrency ledger as they accrue stakes in bitcoins in return for their services. In this way, the Bitcoin Clicker game app simulates the Blockchain to Bitcoin process.

Bitcoin Clicker could be a starting point for crypto fans who are about to start BTC mining and are in search of a simulator for getting a better idea of aspects of the process. Use this non-competitive, low-stress game to ease your way into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. You can learn more about Bitcoin and mining through this page link. Also be sure to view the informative walkthrough video posted below for additional tips and tricks to help you excel at the game.


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