Frenchmen Street

Removed from the glitzy neon lights and blaring cover music of Bourbon Street is a compact musical district where the locals hang out.

Frenchmen Street is just walking distance away from Bourbon and the French Quarter. Its most popular section is a two-block stretch in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, which is known for its wide variety of live music on any given night of the week!


With one trip around the clubs on Frenchmen, you are likely to hear anything from jazz to Latin to blues to reggae, and just about everything in between.

No neon lights; only plain wooden signs to designate a dozen music clubs in the greatest concentration of live music venues outside the French Quarter. It’s not the first place most visitors know to go to, but inside the clubs and even outside on the street, you’ll hear some of the best live music produced anywhere in the city.

And best of all, on Frenchmen Street the drinks and admission are cheap and sometimes free! The only thing you’ll be asked to do is tip the bands generously. In some of these venues, that’s the only money they make, so you’ll be making a worthy contribution toward keeping the music of New Orleans alive.


After all that music and dancing, you’ll find a number of late-night eateries that are open along Frenchmen Street and in the adjacent Faubourg Marigny neighborhood. At the end of the night (or even the beginning) this area has plenty of dining options to satisfy your munchies.

Frenchmen Art Market

In addition to the delicious late night food and incredible music, Frenchmen Street also has its own authentic art market. In the midst of some of the most famous music clubs, the Frenchmen Art Market is the place to go to experience local art and crafts that are distinctively New Orleans. Stop by this late night market and take home a small piece of Nola art to remember your visit.

Getting There

If you don’t feel like walking over from the French Quarter, getting to and from Frenchmen Street is no problem. Frenchmen is one of the few areas of New Orleans where taxicabs cruise continuously during peak activity hours and you’re never more than a few minutes from the next ride.

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