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  1. YouTube videos of 6K celebrities helped train AI model to animate photos in real time.
  2. Zuckerberg says new AI model "was still learning" when Meta stopped training.
  3. Campaign used email, SMS, and voice calls to trick targets into divulging master passwords.
  4. How a group of friends found themselves at the center of a fierce debate about the future of art.
  5. To a lesser extent, China and Iran also peddle disinfo in hopes of influencing voters.
  6. Broadcom reportedly accused of changing VMware licensing and support conditions.
  7. One does not simply suggest changing a kernel line to help out a parsing tool.
  8. Attacks coming from nearly 4,000 IP addresses take aim at VPNs, SSH and web apps.
  9. Under new law, those who create the images would face a fine and possible jail time.
  10. Microsoft continues to get a free pass after series of cybersecurity failures.