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  1. Everybody’s talking about ChatGPT, the OpenAI tool that writes poetry, prose, and even software code like a human.

    The chatter mostly gravitates toward amazement, fear, and warning — amazement at what it can do, fear of cheating and replacement by “robots,” and warnings about

  2. Hybrid hardware makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective.

    The most significant trend in how people work is remote and hybrid work. Some are working from home full-time, others part-time. And still, others work often neither at home nor in the office but from wherever they happen to be at the moment. 

    Marketing-speak is nice, but have

  3. Real life comes at you fast. Fake life comes even faster.

    Content creators, marketers, company bloggers, and others are rushing to take advantage of the new synthetic media trend.

    You can see why. Art created with artificial intelligence (AI) enables a more flexible and original alternative to stale old stock photography. And AI content

  4. It's time to retire the stale old narratives about remote work, hybrid work, and flex work.

    Is remote work temporary or here to stay? Are remote workers goofing off or more productive? Is hybrid work a compromise between employees who want remote work and managers who do not?

    These questions are obsolete.

    Remote and hybrid work, in fact,

  5. AI chatbot experts are all talking about — and talking to — a newish research project from artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI. It’s called ChatGPT.


  6. Remember when everybody used to obsess over productivity? That conversation has fallen out of fashion in recent years. But it's time to bring it back.

    The reason is that productivity crashed this year.


  7. The biggest technology-driven trend to affect business in the coming years is synthetic media. Yet this phrase is rarely even uttered in boardrooms and on Zoom meetings.

    It’s time to clarify what synthetic media is, and why it’s going to be so impactful.

    Synthetic media is any kind of video, pictures, virtual objects, sound or words that is

  8. Some new and potent myths about digital nomads have emerged in the past few weeks. I come to bury these myths, not to praise them.

    Myth 1: Digital nomads price locals out of their communities

    The most significant new complaint about digital nomads is that, as a group, they're pricing locals out of their communities.


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  10. The "quiet quitting" trend gained attention because one quiet quitter wasn't so quiet about it. Quiet quitting gained notoriety on TikTok in a July video by engineer Zaid Khan (@zkchillin), followed by an August Wall Street Journal article about it.

    Though definitions vary, quiet quitting is the deliberate withholding by an employee of their