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  1. Visible has launched a new program that will give new and existing subscribers three months of unlimited 5G service if they lose their job.
  2. Spoiler alert: Of course it is the iPhone.
  3. In the world of smartphones, perception is increasingly more important than performance.
  4. Foldables are no longer a one-horse race.
  5. The shares of Google parent Alphabet dropped $100 billion in value after Google's new conversational AI chatbot Bard answered a question incorrectly.
  6. Microsoft's portable laptop Surface Pro 7 Plus is an absolute steal right now.
  7. Officially, the Surface Neo has been cancelled... However...
  8. This will be the first OLED iPad.
  9. Qualcomm introduces the Snapdragon X35 5G Modem-RF chip that will work on a host of devices including smartwatches and AR glasses.
  10. Unfortunately, this year the Apple Watch will receive only incremental updates.