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  1. These wireless earbuds offer nearly everything you’d want at less than half the price.
  2. ChatGPT is not as random as a human—for now.
  3. A trio of inexpensive gadgets helped me get better flavors and more consistent results from the finicky brewing method.
  4. WIRED got two hours behind the wheel of a preproduction prototype that might be the ultimate high-end EV. We could have gone all day.
  5. The romantic holiday is coming soon, so you should too!
  6. The company’s presentation will focus on new artificial intelligence-powered features in Search. You can stream it for free on YouTube.
  7. This speedy Android smartphone is a trusty alternative that can go toe-to-toe with the competition.
  8. A treadmill that fits under my desk makes me excited to get my steps in.
  9. Whether you’re bird-watching or baseball-spotting, we break down prices and specs to find the best pair for you.
  10. Activate your cat’s inner fierce hunter with Cat Amazing’s puzzles and reward them with a treat.