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  1. Kurdish-Iranian writer and author spent six years in detention on Manus Island after trying to get to Australia by boat.
  2. Investigators say while the chain of command to the Russian president is clear, he has immunity as head of state.
  3. One officer is accused of sharing photos of the injured 29-year-old motorist who was pulled over without explanation.
  4. The Biden administration has taken steps to bring back dozens of former military members who had been deported.
  5. Biden administration faces growing calls from US Congress for tough policies against China after 'spy' balloon incident.
  6. Antony Blinken met with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg to discuss the alliance, Ukraine and the Chinese balloon.
  7. Patrick Crusius faces hate crime charges for a mass shooting in the US city of El Paso in 2019 that killed 23 people.
  8. With the possibility of finding victims alive fading fast, survivors express frustration over the slow rescue effort.
  9. Syrian activists decry the lack of international assistance to quake victims in its hard-hit northwest region.
  10. Refugees in the Turkish city say they are reliving past traumas after surviving devastating earthquakes.