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  1. As the war enters its 466th day, here’s a look at the main developments.
  2. Authorities say the number of people killed in clashes between police and opposition supporters has now risen to 15.
  3. A feud between the government and the parliament has led to multiple dissolutions and elections in recent months.
  4. The vote comes after President Umaro Sissoco Embalo dissolved parliament last year after falling out with MPs.
  5. The Big Picture examines whether old prejudices against Indigenous people still hold the key to Chile's future.
  6. In the state that Modi is building, no one – not even Hindus he claims to speak for – will have rights. Or a voice.
  7. US Indo-Pacific command says a Chinese navy ship executed 'unsafe' manoeuvres near an American destroyer.
  8. Regional governor says three of the five children wounded in Saturday's attack were in 'serious condition'.
  9. At Asia security forum, Chinese defence chief says Beijing seeks dialogue with US and warns against NATO-like alliances.
  10. Announcement comes a week after al-Shabab fighters stormed a base housing African Union peacekeepers in Somalia.