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  1. NEW YORK (AP) — An estimated 27.3 million people watched President Joe Biden's State of the Union address on television, the second smallest audience for the annual event in at least 30 years, the Nielsen company said on Wednesday.

    It was also down nearly 28% from the 38.2 million people who saw Biden's address in 2022.

    The only smaller audience since 1993 was the 26.9

  2. The Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves are all swapping point guards and more in a reported three-team trade involving eight players, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

    Under the reported terms, the Lakers will acquire D'Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley and

  3. THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — An international team of investigators said Wednesday it found “strong indications” that Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the supply of heavy anti-aircraft weapons to Ukrainian separatists who shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in 2014 with a Russian missile.

    However, members of the Joint Investigation Team said they had insufficient evidence

  4. Correction and clarification: An earlier version misstated the requirements in the Biden administration’s proposed Title IX rule for determining the outcome of sexual assault cases. The proposed regulation would require schools to use the “preponderance of evidence” standard most of the time.

    A long-awaited ...

  5. By Michelle Nichols 

      UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters on Wednesday addressed the U.N. Security Council at Russia's invitation, condemning Moscow's invasion of its neighbor as illegal - though adding he believed it was provoked - and calling for a ceasefire. 

      "He is lucky to be in New York, in a free

  6. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The White House on Wednesday dismissed a blog post by a U.S. investigative journalist alleging the United States was behind explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipelines as "utterly false and complete fiction." 

      Reuters has not corroborated the report, published by U.S. investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, which said an attack was

  7. NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen met again Wednesday with New York City prosecutors who have spent years examining the former president's financial dealings.

    Cohen stopped briefly to talk with reporters as he entered the Manhattan district attorney's office in the morning, and then when he exited several hours later. He said it was the 15th time he

  8. Pet care is anything but cheap. According to the American Kennel Club, the lifetime cost for small dogs,which have an average life expectancy of 15 years, is approximately $15,051, ...

  9. NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — A judge on Wednesday set bail at $300,000 for a former “Dances With Wolves” actor charged in Nevada with sexually abusing and trafficking Indigenous women and girls.

    North Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Craig Newman said

  10. Disney (DIS) will lay off 7,000 workers as the company seeks to slash $5.5 billion in costs. As a result, the media giant plans to restructure the organization into three core business segments: Disney Entertainment, ESPN, and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. 

    "We will be reducing our workforce by