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  1. Yemen's Houthi rebels promised a "huge" retaliation against Israel on Sunday following a deadly strike on the port of Hodeida, as violence sparked by the Gaza war gripped the region.
  2. Donald Trump also asserted in his speech that although while in office, he "stopped the missile launches from North Korea" but the country is now "acting up again."
  3. Microsoft, the US-based tech giant, estimated that 8.5 million computers worldwide were affected due to the outage. The tech glitch happened on July 19 after Crowdstrike, a cybersecurity software company, rolled out its routine update.
  4. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said that the state would offer shelter to anyone in distress who knocks on their door.
  5. Mr Obama believes that Mr Biden's path to victory has diminished and he should "seriously consider the viability of his candidacy," the Washington Post said.
  6. Microsoft's global outage created havoc. From airline to broadcasting, the blue screen error, in a way, brought the daily operations to a standstill on Friday. Now, it has been reported that China remained largely unaffected by the outage.
  7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to deliver a landmark speech to the US Congress this week as he fights off intense pressure to cut a Gaza war ceasefire deal with Hamas.
  8. Iraq said Sunday a new power line will bring electricity from Turkey to its northern provinces as authorities aim to diversify the country's energy sources to ease chronic power outages.
  9. Russia said Sunday that it scrambled fighter jets to prevent two US strategic bomber planes from crossing its border over the Barents Sea in the Arctic.
  10. A pram carrying twin two-year-old girls rolled into the path of an oncoming train in Sydney on Sunday, police said, in an accident that killed one of the children and the "heroic" father who dashed to their rescue.