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  1. The long-stalled package could be vital for Ukraine, which is struggling to contain Russia's invasion.
  2. In a BBC interview, Chris Stark says the PM has not made climate change "as much of a priority as his predecessors".
  3. Protesters demand curbs on tourists numbers and uncontrolled development in the Spanish archipelago.
  4. Fighting continues in Gaza, where a humanitarian crisis is overshadowed by the wider regional conflict.
  5. We asked some GPs what they thought of other professionals taking on their responsibility for sick notes.
  6. The Tortured Poets Department became Spotify's most-streamed album in a single day, the platform said.
  7. Policing minister Chris Philp is set to meet the commissioner after an officer described a campaigner as "openly Jewish".
  8. Bosses say they had to cancel some tickets for the Rick Astley gig to test the venue "effectively".
  9. The majority of handguns used in Canadian crimes come from the US, where gun laws are much more lax.
  10. Squatters say they have come to an agreement with the owners of the York and Albany near Regent's Park in north London.