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  1. The long-stalled package could be vital for Ukraine, which is struggling to contain Russia's invasion.
  2. Republican Mike Johnson can savour a hard-fought victory, but hard-line colleagues are plotting to oust him.
  3. Jordan van den Berg's vigilante-style approach has won him fans and critics amid a housing crisis.
  4. Ravi was held in a labour camp run by Chinese-speaking gangsters, forced to run romance scams.
  5. A technology company has been testing autonomous buses on the streets of the South Korean capital.
  6. Pictures of Donald Trump in a New York courtroom made headlines globally. Here's a flavour of what was said.
  7. The militia blamed an attack, while Iraq's military said it did not detect drones or jets in the area.
  8. Protesters demand curbs on tourists numbers and uncontrolled development in the Spanish archipelago.
  9. Fighting continues in Gaza, where a humanitarian crisis is overshadowed by the wider regional conflict.
  10. The Tortured Poets Department became Spotify's most-streamed album in a single day, the platform said.