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  1. Sentencing is not scheduled until later this year, but the U.S. government had previously announced it wouldn't seek the death penalty.
  2. Around-the-clock air monitoring has shown normal, un-concerning levels days after the controlled burn, according to the EPA.
  3. They're dubbed inflation relief payments, but they reflect a hodgepodge of rules and eligibility requirements. The IRS wants time to figure out which rules apply to them.
  4. Returning CEO Bob Iger is making a statement to his board about the company's finances moving forward.
  5. The products were sold online and at major retailers. As of the recall, no incidents or injuries had been reported.
  6. They might be new to school, but two freshman congressmen have plenty of insight to offer on Joe Biden's State of the Union address.
  7. At a contentious House committee hearing, Republicans aired long-held grievances over what they say is Silicon Valley's bias against conservatives.
  8. New York philharmonic president and CEO Deborah Borda discusses the decisionmaking process behind bringing the superstar conductor to the Big Apple.
  9. Exterminator Nick Castro found the massive stash of acorns after being called to a home with a worm problem. "Bird was a bit of a hoarder," he joked on social media.
  10. In an online letter a day after James broke his scoring record, Abdul-Jabbar blamed himself for the contentious relationship between them, citing his own introversion and a significant age gap.