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  1. The group Just Stop Oil took credit for the Wednesday afternoon action, which they said was a call on the United Kingdom to stop the use of fossil fuels by 2030.
  2. Philadelphia has hired a service to clean up after violent shootings outdoors. The idea is to minimize community trauma when neighbors do the cleaning themselves or firefighters hose away the blood.
  3. NPR's Rob Schmitz talks with Paul Tenorio, soccer writer with The Athletic, about the Copa America soccer tournament, in which the best teams from North and South America will compete in U.S. cities.
  4. The legislation, signed into law Wednesday by Republican Gov. Jeff Landry, makes Louisiana the first state to require that the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public school classroom.
  5. A hospital in New Jersey is among several that have moved nurse managers, who oversee scores of bedside nurses on a unit, to a four-day work week to address burnout and high turnover.
  6. Opal Lee, an activist for the Juneteenth holiday, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Lee about the holiday she worked hard to solidify.
  7. As a part of NPR's year-long series on global elections, we look at how U.S. allies and partners view the two presidential candidates ahead of next week's debate.
  8. A group of young Alaskans is suing the state to halt a high-profile natural gas project. They argue fossil fuel development will worsen climate change, which is already threatening their communities.
  9. Doctors are concerned by a backlash against sunscreen that is spreading on social media. Recent surveys suggest many younger Americans are buying into this misinformation.
  10. Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar is under indictment for more than a dozen counts, including bribery and corruption -- but voters in his home state say they still back the embattled Democrat.