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  1. Undersecretary for Housing Victor Tai says occupancy rate among key performance indicators for city’s first 2,100 ‘light public housing’ flats in Yuen Long.
  2. Witnesses saw armed gangs exchanging gunfire with police and soldiers as scores of employees fled from bullets. Attack took place just hours after violence at the country’s two biggest prisons.
  3. The concept of ‘new productive forces’ shows that China’s top leadership has realised that the traditional model of relying on debt-fuelled investment to drive growth has reached its limit.
  4. Chinese response to US containment strategy will not be self-isolation but a call to arms for innovation and self-reliance, NPC spokesman says, adding that future legislation will address safety and ethical concerns related to AI and biotech.
  5. With Imran Khan out of the picture, the military-backed coalition government is set to maintain strong relations with China, while ties with the US should continue to stabilise. The new political landscape could also pave the way for meaningful dialogue with India, leading to warmer relations.
  6. Official findings out of South Korea show how much Beijing’s efforts to advance Chinese tech prowess have paid off in recent years, meaning Seoul has its work cut out as it plays catch-up.
  7. Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz calls UN ambassador home for ‘immediate consultations’ over what it said was a UN attempt to ‘silence’ information of sexual violence by Hamas.
  8. Launch gives US women another birth control option amid legal and political battles over reproductive health, including reversal of Roe v Wade. One-month supply of Opill will cost about US$20.
  9. MPs and senators backed the move by 780 votes to 72. Anti-abortion campaigners criticised the result with one calling it a ‘defeat for all the children who cannot see the day’.
  10. Sorriso mayor Ari Lafin noted that while the Chinese were receptive to his delegation’s proposals, COFCO tends to prefer processing soybeans in China