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  1. Defence Minister Richard Marles said he will order an assessment of the surveillance technology made by Hikvision and Dahua in his department.
  2. Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee tells a forum in Dubai that he is ‘keen to build ever stronger economic, trade and investment ties with the UAE’.
  3. A Hong Kong girlfriend who crudely insisted that her boyfriend spend Valentine’s Day with her rather than attend his grandfather’s funeral has been ditched.
  4. The meeting will have sharp focus on the border area between the countries, where a near two-decade insurgency is undermining big investment plans for the zone.
  5. Hong Kong is expected to be the best-performing retail rental market in Asia-Pacific this year, according to CBRE.
  6. Light public housing proposal is just the latest wasteful, expensive idea from the government in its efforts to fix the city’s housing shortage. Rather than waste money on more consultations and impractical, expensive solutions, Hong Kong should embrace a collective initiative to solve the issue.
  7. Three bids have been received for MTR’s Oyster Bay site in north Lantau, including submissions by CK Asset and Wheelock Properties.
  8. Emerging market focus understandable given current geopolitical tensions, but city will still need traditional markets such as US and Europe, observers say.
  9. The president arrived in Paris for dinner with counterparts Macron and Scholz after a surprise to visit to London.
  10. Chinese University’s hospital has agreed to provide public healthcare services, hoping it can start paying off HK$4 billion loan in 2028.