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Overwatch – Game News 24

04 March 2024

Latest gaming news Overwatch – Game News 24


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04 March 2024

  • My Rein teammate said eff that Mercy in particular

    This is the pettiest "solo ult" I have ever seen playing this game. We were pretty easily rolling this team so Rein just went "screw it, the Mercy is getting the shatter"

    submitted by /u/mkgreene2007 to r/Overwatch [link] [comments]
  • Accuracy not improving as much as other people have said they improved.

    My accuracy has not changed significantly from s8 -> s9. As a former, high masters <-> low gm dps player, I find that the larger projectile sizes allow me to hit maybe 3-4% more on average. However, I feel like maybe my aim has become lazy. Any suggestions to help combat lazy aim? Have you experienced anything similar?

    submitted by /u/DylNicolax1231 to r/OverwatchUniversity [link] [comments]
  • Will Midas Roadhog ever come back?
  • I got bored and drew this don't @ me
  • Former Overwatch 2 dev explains the jank: "The script looks like every subway map in the world layered over each other"
  • Ah yes, i think i owe Activision Blizzard something

    Why would i even get -23k ow coins from just playing the game normally!! (I linked an xbox account that had nothing but ow 1 league skins with 0 balance)

    submitted by /u/Perdash to r/Overwatch [link] [comments]
  • Was i at fault here? (TY2E6C)

    Prefacing this by saying that im atlas, the jq player. 1 of my dps was complaining that i didnt play orisa to cover him or that i should have played a ranged hero(?) and that it was my fault we lost. I thought that my offensive actions were enough to offset the lack of shield for the rest of my team. I realize i could probably have peeled more and that here and there i got too cocky but i dont feel like the loss was my fault. If anyone could give me an analysis no matter how brief that would be awesome. Thanks in advance :)

    Edit: sorry i forgot to add some extra details

    Map: kings row

    Platform: console

    Rank: plat/diamond

    submitted by /u/Odd-North-4903 to r/OverwatchUniversity [link] [comments]
  • Looking to improve on sigma/tank in general. Gold 2, Sigma, VOD.

    I've been playing since season 2 of overwatch 2 and played mostly Sigma since then. Before the rank changes i was pretty stuck in silver and only now am i in gold but deranking ever since i got there. What could i have done differently for us to win this game and how could i improve in general?

    Time: 13 min

    Code: 8RQV7B

    Rank: Gold 2

    Hero: Sigma


    Map: Lijiang tower

    Name tag: JetTagz

    submitted by /u/JetTagz to r/OverwatchUniversity [link] [comments]
  • The Unbearable Burden of Tanking: Why Playing Tank in Overwatch Feels Like a Sisyphean Task

    Playing Tank in Overwatch has historically been a crucial and rewarding role, with players feeling empowered to make impactful plays and lead their team to victory. However, recent changes and meta shifts have left many Tank players feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and undervalued. In this post, I'll delve into the reasons why playing Tank has become increasingly difficult and why it's often perceived as a thankless task.

    1. Lack of Agency and Playmaking Opportunities: One of the core frustrations Tank players face is the diminishing sense of agency and the inability to make impactful plays. In the early seasons of Overwatch, Tanks could dictate the flow of the game, engage in decisive team fights, and create space for their teammates to thrive. However, with the rise of CC-heavy compositions and tank-busting heroes, Tanks now often find themselves relegated to playing passively, constantly under threat of being crowd-controlled into oblivion before they can make a meaningful impact.

    2. Tank Busters and the Discord Dilemma: The prevalence of tank-busting heroes like Zenyatta, who can amplify damage with Discord Orb, has exacerbated the challenges faced by Tank players. Zenyatta's Discord Orb effectively turns Tanks into sitting ducks, making it incredibly difficult to effectively fulfill their role of absorbing damage and protecting their team. With the game's focus shifting towards faster time-to-kill and burst damage, Tanks are finding themselves increasingly vulnerable and unable to withstand the onslaught of damage from multiple sources.

    3. Role Misconceptions and Blame Culture: Tank players often bear the brunt of blame and criticism from their teammates, regardless of the outcome of the match. Whether it's failing to protect the backline from flankers, contesting the objective, or mitigating damage, Tanks are expected to juggle an overwhelming number of responsibilities while facing relentless scrutiny from their teammates. This blame culture creates a toxic environment where Tank players feel undervalued and demoralized, further exacerbating the challenges of playing the role.

    4. Hero Design Disparities and Power Imbalance: The disparity in hero design and power levels has significantly contributed to the challenges faced by Tank players in Overwatch. As the game's roster has expanded and new heroes have been introduced, certain characters have emerged as dominant forces, while others have struggled to remain relevant. This power imbalance not only affects the viability of Tank heroes but also exacerbates gameplay fatigue by limiting the strategic options available to Tank players. As a result, Tanks are often forced to contend with overwhelming odds and unfavorable matchups, leading to frustration and disillusionment within the community. Addressing these hero design discrepancies and rebalancing the game's roster is essential to restoring the balance of power and revitalizing the Tank role in Overwatch.

    5. Role Flexibility and Player Autonomy: Ultimately, Tank players should have the autonomy to choose their preferred role and playstyle without feeling pressured or pigeonholed into specific compositions or counterpicks. The rigid adherence to meta trends and role expectations stifles creativity and innovation, making the game feel stale and restrictive for Tank enthusiasts. By fostering a more inclusive and flexible approach to team composition and gameplay, Overwatch can create a more rewarding and enjoyable experience for Tank players and the community as a whole.

    In conclusion, playing Tank in Overwatch has become a daunting and thankless task, characterized by diminishing agency, overwhelming responsibilities, and relentless scrutiny. Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort to rebalance the game, promote player autonomy, and foster a more supportive community culture.

    submitted by /u/Own_Contact_618 to r/Overwatch [link] [comments]
  • Echo scares me - need tips

    Returning player from the 2016 era here. I am one-tricking Soldier for fun. I had a couple of games where I got absolutely blasted off the map by Echo. Sometimes while I wasn't even aware she was around me. Her burst damage is absolutely insane. In one-on-one situations I could only go head to head when I was using natural cover and even then it was super close. I can only comfortably kill her when she is distracted by others.

    What are general do's and don'ts when engaging an Echo? I feel that Soldier is the right class to counter her, but she can still punish you fast if you don't play it perfectly.

    (Diamond 1 for reference)

    submitted by /u/DutchDolt to r/OverwatchUniversity [link] [comments]


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