The Federal Laboratory Consortium comprises over 700 member research laboratories and centers from 16 federal departments. If a company has a specific technology need or question, one of the more than 100,000 scientists or engineers who work in the federal laboratories may have the solution. The FLC provides a link between the individual laboratory members and the potential users of government-developed technologies. The federal laboratories contain technologies, facilities, and expertise in all areas of science and engineering and offer opportunities such as:

  • Use of laboratory facilities
  • Workshops, seminars, briefings
  • Sponsored research
  • Printed documentation
  • Visits to laboratories
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive licensing
  • Employee exchange
  • Cooperative research projects
  • Technical assistance

The FLC Locator is part of the FLC network that assists companies in locating the right laboratory or individual scientist or technician to handle a company's specific request. Once the contact is made, the specific technology transfer arrangements are made between the laboratory and the business.

To take advantage of the Federal Laboratory Consortium network and access the federal laboratories, contact one of the FLC regional coordinators in your region, or the locator manager. The regional coordinator working with the FLC Locator will find the right laboratory to meet specific requests.

Contact: FLC Laboratory Locator Network, DelaBarre & Associates, P.O. Box 545, Sequim, WA 98382. Phone (206) 683-1005.


Federal Laboratory Consortium Regional Contacts

Norma Vaught
ARL-Sensor, Signatures, Signal & Info Director
2800 Powder Mill Road
Adelphi, MD 29783
(301) 394-2952
C. Dan Brand
National Center for Toxicological Research
3900 NCTK Road
Jefferson, AR 72079
(501) 543-7950
C. Ted Schoenborn
HHS-National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
4676 Columbia Parkway, DPSE-R2
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 841-4305
Gary Conlon
Army Benet Laboratories
Building 115, Room 224
Watervliet, NY 12189
(518) 266-4946
Eric Greene
HHS/PHS-Centers for Disease Control
Technology Transfer Office MS-E67
1600 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30333
(404) 639-6268
Washington, DC
Dr. Beverly Berger
1850 M Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 331-4220
Geoffrey Phillips
Air Force Advanced Manufacturing Center
3237 Peacekeeper Way #13
McClellan AFB, CA 95652
(916) 643-1248