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  1. Royal dynasty wins right to run the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple - one of the world's richest places of worship.
  2. Cases across the world continue to surge after WHO stresses virus is 'public enemy number one'.
  3. WHO says nearly 50 people infected in new Ebola outbreak as DR Congo grapples with COVID-19 and measles epidemics.
  4. Dozens already reported dead as rivers burst their banks after days of heavy rain, with more forecast.
  5. China accuses US of 'inciting confrontation' after Washington rejected expansive claims in disputed sea for first time.
  6. White paper approved by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe describes 'relentless' intrusions near group of East China Sea islets.
  7. New measures to come into force at midnight as authorities warn of 'extremely high' risk of large-scale outbreak.
  8. UN agency sounds alarm as coronavirus cases rise by one million in five days, pushing the total to 13 million globally.
  9. Rivera, the third of Glee's cast members to die in their 30s, saved her four-year-old son before drowning.
  10. Backlog of 1.2 million cases awaits as courts in New Jersey, Maryland and Michigan reopen to non-detained immigrants.