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  1. The governor has rolled back reopening plans across the state as virus cases soar.
  2. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says China is treating the disputed waters as its "maritime empire".
  3. The actress went missing on Wednesday after going boating with her son at a lake in California.
  4. A memo leaked over the weekend said several officials were "concerned" by Dr Fauci's past comments.
  5. Her representative dismissed Gough Whitlam without telling her first, newly released letters show.
  6. The government signs a deal worth €8bn (£7.2bn; $9bn) hailing the workers' role in the pandemic.
  7. Singapore falls into recession as as the global economy braces for the pandemic downturn.
  8. The president's former adviser was due to begin a prison term on 14 July after lying to Congress.
  9. Pictures are broadcast on TV showing a police officer stepping on the neck of a black woman.
  10. The execution of Daniel Lewis Lee in Indiana is stopped just hours before it was due to go ahead.