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  1. Customs correspondence raises questions about negligence that may have led to the massive blast in Lebanon's capital.
  2. Supreme Defence Council recommends that army oversee security of disaster-stricken capital as fatalities pass 100.
  3. Voters flock to voting centres as President Gotabaya Rajapaksa seeks a fresh mandate to boost his power.
  4. Nearly 5,900 people are dying every 24 hours from COVID-19 on average; Australia's Queensland shuts border.
  5. Egypt fears the $4bn project could lead to water shortages upstream, while Sudan is concerned about dam's safety.
  6. India has imposed a security lockdown to prevent protests on the anniversary of the revocation of region's autonomy.
  7. Supreme Court's ruling is the first ever in Colombia ordering the detention of a former president.
  8. Officials expect death toll to rise after huge explosion rips through Lebanon's capital.
  9. Leaders across the globe offer support as Lebanese officials warn the number of dead and wounded is expected to rise.
  10. Al Jazeera condemns 'troubling escalation' in crackdown on press, urges authorities to immediately cease criminal probe.