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  1. President Trump hosts Fourth of July event at the White House while WHO stops trials of malaria, HIV drugs for COVID-19.
  2. African-American rapper and vocal supporter of President Trump writes on social media that he is running for president.
  3. The first woman to head the Japanese capital, Yuriko Koike is also seen as a potential prime-minister candidate in 2021.
  4. US president uses traditionally non-partisan July 4th event to launch attacks on 'radical left' ahead of November polls.
  5. WHO said it will stop use of hydroxychloroquine and a combination HIV drug after they failed to reduce mortality.
  6. Independence Day celebrations began with daily records in new cases in Florida, at 11,458, and Texas, at 8,258.
  7. A Turkish court last week heard a case aimed at converting the building back into a mosque with a verdict expected soon.
  8. Authorities said it was not immediately clear if the demonstrators, one who was critically wounded, had been targeted.
  9. More than 11.1 million infections confirmed in 188 countries and territories, including more than 526,000 deaths.
  10. The killing of an ethnic Oromo singer-activist has led to days of violence in Ethiopia.