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Darths & Droids is an "RPG screencap comic" that parodies Star Wars. The characters in the comic are roleplaying game (RPG) players. The premise of the comic is that the Star Wars saga as we know it does not exist, rather the comic takes place in an alternate universe where Star Wars does not exist. Despite aspects of a Star Wars setting the comic's characters are oblivious to anything concerning Jedi, or Tatooine, or Anakin Skywalker before the game begins. Using screenshots from the live-action films to tell the story, the Comic Irregulars are not constrained by the dialogue, allowing a largely different plot to be constructed around the visuals from the films.







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Read Darths & Droids, Star Wars inspired, sci-fi webcomics


Star Wars as it would have been played as an RPG.
Darths & Droids
  1. Episode 2066: Arrested Developments

    Scenery being on fire is a cool way of adding atmosphere to a setting. It can either be burning constantly (e.g. The World is Not Enough), or

  2. Episode 2065: Razing the Bar

    A proper villain should always do things before the heroes get a chance to stop them. (Reference that famous story that we won't spoil, but if you know it, you know

  3. Episode 2064: I’m Still, Standing

    If you gotta bluff, why not back it up with insults? Anything to make your bluff seem more bold and confident.

    Note this will only work in some games.

  4. Episode 2063: No Gnus is Bad News

    Always have an escape plan.

    Even a stupid plan is better than no plan at all. At least a stupid plan has some chance of working.

    Even if it

  5. Episode 2062: Between Two Rocks at a Slow Pace

    Backing into danger is such a commonly seen thing in movies and TV shows that