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Gaia is an epic high fantasy webcomic about a group of friends who unexpectedly become entangled in a web of intrigue that could result in war, or even a threat to life itself. The comic is based on a campaign which was developed by Oliver Knörzer (Novil), his mother Ute Knörzer (Milena) and some other team members as a mod for the computer game "Neverwinter Nights 2" in 2004 and 2005.

The project was eventually cancelled, but a large amount of dialog had already been written for the campaign at that point. The game’s content was eventually taken as source material for the comic. Gaia was nominated as “Best Overall Comic” and won the “Best Longform Comic” category at the Wild Webcomic Review Awards for the best webcomics of 2014.


Gaia: Will you come along?
  1. The Bipartite Mind Cover

    This page contains a secret…
  2. The Door 062

    San: Huuh! Viviana: San! San: The door! Go through it! As fast as you can! Viviana: Wait! I’ll help you! San: No! I can handle them myself! Viviana: But… San: The door, Viviana! Quick!
  3. The Door 061

    Viviana: More of them are coming! San: Don’t worry! We‘re almost there! Viviana: How do we open the door? San: You just have to press your hand against it. Viviana: Watch out, San! San: Stay right behind me!
  4. The Door 060

    Viviana: San, I can’t go on! My legs hurt so much! San: Let me have a look. San: Better? Viviana: Yes! Thank you! San: Look around every now and then! These beasts like to attack from behind! Viviana: Will the...
  5. The Door 059

    San: Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Viviana: Huh? San: Come with me. Viviana: San…? You live?! San: Of course I do! Viviana: But I saw a demon ramming his sword into you! San: That was just a doppelgänger, a...