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  1. Start-ups are letting leases expire, and bigger companies are downsizing in favor of smaller, satellite offices as employers prepare for a future of distributed work.
  2. The smart shopping carts, called Dash Carts, are launching at Amazon's Los Angeles-area grocery store in 2020.
  3. Huawei has felt the continuing effects of U.S. sanctions and the global coronavirus pandemic which led to its slowest first half growth rate since 2013.
  4. Experts say Canada has done a pretty good job, ramping up PPE production and closing the borders, but could have done more with nursing homes and testing in Ontario.
  5. India currently has a comprehensive personal data protection bill that is under discussion in a joint parliamentary committee, which is said to be similar to the European Union's GDPR.
  6. Tesla has been combining Model 3 and Model Y totals in its vehicle production and delivery reports at the end of each quarter, so there's no easy and precise way for shareholders to gauge the success of the Model Y.
  7. Hospitals across the country have taken major hits to their bottom line during the Covid-19 pandemic, while healthcare workers face an especially grave challenge finding childcare because of their long shifts and essential-worker status.
  8. SoftBank has been working toward an initial public offering of Arm Holdings more than a year from now but has received inbound interest in a potential acquisition, sources say.
  9. As of Friday, Musk was worth $70.5 billion, roughly $1 billion more than Buffett, as Tesla stock continues to break records.
  10. All product categories will have quantity restrictions in order to ensure sellers have enough space to store their goods.