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  1. The US is preparing to evacuate thousands of Afghan special visa applicants who are at risk from the Taliban.
  2. US indexes rallied to fresh record highs on Friday as the market left behind early-week jitters.
  3. Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in Beita in occupied West Bank to protest against illegal Israeli outpost nearby.
  4. The blacklistings come in retaliation for the United States recently sanctioning Chinese officials in Hong Kong.
  5. UNICEF estimates that most water pumping will gradually cease across Lebanon in the next four to six weeks.
  6. UNESCO is considering 17 cultural and natural sites to add to its Heritage list.
  7. The Olympics are held amid anger in much of the host country, Japan, with organisers hoping the mood will change.
  8. Best of the week and behind the scenes.
  9. Immigration minister says "several thousand" Afghan interpreters and others would be arriving in Canada soon.
  10. Police and forensic specialists are still continuing the work of identifying human remains recovered from the disaster.