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  1. Taiwan's top diplomat accuses China of simulating an invasion as Taiwanese and Chinese militaries carry out drills.
  2. Video game revenues decline for first time on record amid Beijing's regulatory crackdown and draconian pandemic curbs.
  3. Female pilots are no longer a rarity in India, making the country a success story in diversity in the aviation sector.
  4. American Airlines will be the first to take possession which could be as early as Wednesday.
  5. Heaviest rainfall in 80 years submerges homes and metro system, triggers landslides and knocks out power in capital.
  6. Finance ministry official says island does not expect further sanctions by Beijing due to 'highly reliant' economic ties
  7. Trump, who said on Monday night the FBI was at his home in Mar-a-Lago, faces a string of lawsuits and investigations.
  8. The vote is seen as a key test of stability for East African powerhouse and a referendum on the president's legacy.
  9. Palestinian ambassador asks when will 'enough be enough' as council members express concern about recent violence.
  10. Reserve Bank of Australia says year-long trial will explore “innovative use cases and business models" for currency.