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  1. People are concerned by renewed support in France for the right to show caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
  2. A survey of 3,000 workers found 42 percent had considered quitting a job because of their co-workers' political views.
  3. Iran official says international mediators have 'no real desire to establish peace' between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  4. Head of political betting at GVC said the $1bn figure is double the amount placed in 2016.
  5. Local media say some buildings collapsed but no immediate reports of casualties were available.
  6. A new DNA study published in the Science journal reveals new information about the shared history of humans and dogs.
  7. Arab American candidates compete for one of southern California’s last conservative strongholds.
  8. On Saturday, the South Caucasian nation will hold its first election under a mixed party system.
  9. Two Muslim women, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, are currently in Congress and seven others claim Arab descent.
  10. Activists and rights groups condemn National Investigation Agency's raids in disputed Kashmir, New Delhi and Bengaluru.