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  1. China has pledged roughly half a billion doses of its vaccines to countries around the globe.
  2. The International Energy Agency says emission were 2 percent higher in December than in the same month a year ago.
  3. Accepting an Israeli award for contributions to public health amid Israel's vaccine apartheid is immoral.
  4. Marty Natalegawa says ASEAN must tell Myanmar's military to stop shooting at innocent civilians.
  5. Experts say facial recognition systems being installed in schools without laws to regulate collection and use of data.
  6. Five years after Berta Cáceres was murdered, governments are still failing to protect human rights defenders.
  7. The social media firm says users who continue to post misleading tweets about coronavirus vaccines face a permanent ban.
  8. Johnny Chiang tells Reuters that China's proposals to get Taiwan to accept Communist rule had 'no market' on the island.
  9. Two journalists, two translators detained in Tigray but no reason has been given for their arrest.
  10. Two arrested over girl's death caused by severe beating during a ritual to drive an evil spirit away, police say.