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  1. Police, transport, freight and fire workers will be able to join the daily contact testing scheme.
  2. New infections are down but it is too soon to say if cases have peaked, say experts.
  3. As school holidays begin for many, the airline industry says tens of thousands are flying abroad.
  4. Thunderstorms and 55mph gusts of wind could disrupt the plans of holidaymakers, the Met Office says.
  5. Bands and fans describe the atmosphere at the UK's first full-capacity festival in the UK since 2019.
  6. The parents of Fatuma Kadir, who travelled from Manchester to London by train, say they are in "shock".
  7. The US government has tightened rules on which space-goers can claim their astronaut wings.
  8. Just 15 cells' worth of DNA was used to track down the man suspected of killing a US girl in 1989.
  9. A video showed Susanna Ohlen rubbing herself with dirt before broadcasting from a flood-hit town.
  10. The British and Irish Lions and Harlequins both express anger over former Ireland international Neil Francis' description of fly-half Marcus Smith.