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  1. The Budget and other government measures will make households worse off, says the Resolution Foundation.
  2. A French minister says the boat did not have a licence to fish in French waters and was seized.
  3. Sailor Laura Baldwin and gold medal canoeist Etienne Stott are protesting in a pink boat.
  4. A victim of sexual abuse in a children's home in the 1950s wants an inquiry and an apology.
  5. Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Thursday morning.
  6. A US prosecutor says "all options are on the table" over the shooting involving actor Alec Baldwin.
  7. Many DJs lose audiences as the ratings body unveils the first figures under a new measurement system.
  8. Gen Milley's comments were the first US acknowledgment of claims China tested a hypersonic missile.
  9. Human activity and wildfires have turned highly protected forests into net sources of carbon, a study suggests.
  10. The decision is being seen as part of a larger bid to crackdown on vanity projects.