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  1. Monday's search was reportedly connected to an investigation into Mr Trump's handling of official papers.
  2. Best known for playing Sandy in Grease, the actor and singer has died from cancer aged 73.
  3. Thousands waiting more than two years for scans, checks and surgery have finally been treated.
  4. The warning will be in place from midday until Saturday, with temperatures set to climb to up to 35C.
  5. As Chinese developers spiral into debt, people with nowhere else to live have moved into unfinished apartments.
  6. Birmingham ends a hugely successful Commonwealth Games as legendary Brummie rocker Ozzy Osbourne headlines the closing ceremony.
  7. Boss Dame Sharon White says the government must think about how to get older people back into work.
  8. Consultancy Cornwall Insight now forecasts a typical household will pay £4,266 a year for energy,
  9. A number of accounts claim to guarantee a safe Channel crossing for £5,000, despite a TikTok ban.
  10. Chelsea Mooney was 17 when she died in a Camhs unit last year, following a self-harm incident.