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  1. Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said an anticipated uptick in demand as the delta variant surges and supply chain challenges led to the purchase limits on key household items.
  2. Meng Wanzhou, a top executive of the Chinese communications giant, resolves charges against her as part of a deal with the Justice Department that could pave the way for her to return to China.
  3. The storm is forecast to intensify rapidly as it passes over warm water far out in the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center says. It's too soon to predict where or when Sam might affect land.
  4. Carles Puigdemont left a jail in Sardinia on Friday after a judge ruled that he could go free pending an Oct. 4 hearing on his extradition to Spain, where he is wanted for sedition.
  5. Two hosts of the The View were pulled live from the program on Friday, just before the vice president was scheduled to join them onstage for an in-person interview.
  6. Shelley Ross says Chris Cuomo, now a CNN anchor, sexually harassed her by squeezing her buttocks. Cuomo, who was then at ABC News, sent an email shortly afterward saying he was "ashamed."
  7. After six weeks of emotionally charged testimony, jury deliberation begins in the New York federal trial of disgraced R&B superstar R. Kelly. If convicted, he could spend 10 years to life in prison.
  8. It's happening more and more — you'll have to show proof of vaccination to enter an event or to travel. There's that flimsy paper card. And then there's the digital realm. What's the best option?
  9. Taro Kono is seen as a political maverick with liberal views on social policy. He is popular with the public, but his own party's power brokers may hesitate to make him the leader next week.
  10. The president says he will get a third dose of the vaccine as soon as he can. "I'll be getting my booster shot," Biden said at the White House Friday, acknowledging that at 78, he qualifies.