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  1. Hoaxes and misleading posts aimed at depressing turnout have spread on social media. Experts say it outpaces 2016, when Black voters were the top target of Russian-backed disinformation.
  2. People ages 18 to 29 are turning out in record-breaking numbers for early voting. But will pandemic-related disruptions to campus life affect student voter turnout on Election Day?
  3. NPR's history podcast Throughline gives us insight onto the ongoing battle for the right to vote.
  4. Of the 1.1 million people who left the job market in September, more than 860,000 were women. We examine why women are dropping out of the workforce, and what it will mean for the economy.
  5. In the Rockies, small hospitals have no place to send patients when city hospitals are filling up. They report having to hold critical patients longer or transfer them far away, often out of state.
  6. Trump says a Democratic victory next week will send stock prices plummeting. But Wall Street ambivalent about the prospect of a Biden presidency. Mainly investors are worried about COVID-19.
  7. The Trump campaign has spent more than $20 million on a strategy to appeal to Black voters, Polls show Trump has improved narrowly with young Black voters, particularly men.
  8. Where are hospitals reaching capacity? Which metro areas are running out of beds? NPR has learned federal agencies collect and analyze this information in detail but don't share it with the public.
  9. President Trump's recent executive order banning some diversity training has had a widespread effect as government agencies, contractors and universities scramble to figure out how to comply.
  10. You would rather be Democrat Joe Biden heading into Election Day than President Trump, but there's lots of uncertainty. It's possible to see Biden win a blowout or Trump again eke out a win.