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  1. Multinationals in Taiwan are not expected to leave in the short-term, but the military drills by the People’s Liberation Army have forced many to reassess vulnerabilities, analysts say.
  2. Iran said the satellite fitted with high-resolution camera will be used for environmental monitoring and will remain fully under its control, but there have been allegations Russia may use it for surveillance of Ukraine amid its military action there.
  3. Health experts have warned against mislabelling monkeypox as a ‘gay disease’, comparing it to the demonisation of LGBT people for HIV/Aids.
  4. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu says real motive behind PLA exercises stretches far beyond Taiwan, and ‘freedom-loving nations’ must work together to stop ‘authoritarianism’.
  5. So far this year, 1,625 cases of online employment scams, resulting in losses of HK$211.6 million, have been reported.
  6. Alibaba is moving its focus way from acquiring new users to deepening relationships with existing users, CEO Daniel Zhang said last week.
  7. Electric appliance caught fire in the living room of 26th floor flat, says police spokesman.
  8. New quarantine arrangement, consisting three days in a hotel and four days at home, will be implemented from Friday.
  9. Executive Council member Regina Ip earlier told Bloomberg move could be considered as a way to shore up economy and reverse brain drain.
  10. The US offshored its rare earths mining to China in the 1980s and Deng Xiaoping once called it his country’s answer to ‘oil in the Middle East’. But now thousands of miners have streamed across the border to northern Myanmar, where fish no longer swim in the rivers and the water is unsafe to drink.