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  1. Research suggests protection against virus may not last long
  2. Storm expected to be a hurricane again when it hits Gulf Coast later this week
  3. Just a few close races will determine if Republicans maintain their Senate majority
  4. More than 60,700 new infections reported Monday
  5. Continent’s national leaders are struggling to forge a political consensus around pandemic strategies
  6. The new rules would require broadcasters to report if a foreign government sponsored content
  7. Both candidates seek to piece together 270 majority in Electoral College that determines country’s presidential race
  8. Barrett is the third justice on the nine-member court to be nominated by President Donald Trump and significantly tips its ideological balance toward a 6-3 conservative majority
  9. Despite tense bilateral relationship, Erdogan and Trump have gotten along well personally, but some Turks also see hope in Democrats’ past pragmatism
  10. Many say four years of US-Africa relations under President Trump have done nothing to improve their lives, express preference for Biden win