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  1. "We’re excited to offer another way for our Aussie artists to get their music heard by global audiences."
  2. Australia Idol 2023’s promo material proudly proclaims: “The only show that makes real stars is back.”
  3. The 'Say So' singer cites British post-punk group Idles as an inspiration.
  4. "I wrote Solid Rock because I dreamt of a better country where we could all be proud together."
  5. One neighbour is determined to shut down the music venue.
  6. "Severe damage was caused to staging, production and site infrastructure..."
  7. Each week we track down the best new music and curate it into our 'Hit List' playlist for all our readers to enjoy. Today, we've selected our top picks of the week to celebrate the songs that stood out in the crowd.
  8. "When we started the journey we didn’t know that we’d be able to finish the record."
  9. "Maybe a month ago, I had this email arrive in my Inbox and it said 'Harry Styles birthday suit,'" she told Today.
  10. "All the things they need to do and they do that first..."
  11. This is not just an album. It’s an inner-child healing experience.
  12. All the action from this week's radio airplay and TikTok charts.
  13. “When we started talking about this tour of Australia and New Zealand, I was 58. Now I’m 62."
  14. 'Eight Guitars' is the culmination of more than two decades of work.
  15. "To all South Australian residents, this first pressing is unavailable to you because your government sucks."