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Looking for the latest mp3 song release to download from popular artists? You can find mp3 song download links for some of the most beloved and requested musicians – Lil Nas X, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, Glen Campbell, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Drake, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, BTS - Bangtan Boys, Katy Perry and others – to answer the yearning for access to their upcoming mp3 songs.
From the early 2000's, the music industry has clambered onto the Internet, while battling mp3 song download piracy, and has had its share of upgrades and tweaks from that point onward. With the implementation of successively higher-bandwidth Internet connections, it ultimately fulfilled the promise of real-time web interactivity and ultimately transformed its structure and use for video and audio entertainment.
The transformations have been sparked by new technologies (Internet radio, YouTube music channels, streaming and mp3 song downloads) and Internet commerce distributing music as a digital good via a website and online ordering. The MP3 audio format and the wide distribution network that has become available via the Internet are driving changes in the recorded music market structure and, thus, are simultaneously having significant impacts on the players in the traditional recorded music value chain.
The MP3 audio format and download of MP3 songs from the wide distribution network that has become available via the Internet are driving changes in the recorded music market structure and, thus, are simultaneously having significant impacts on popular musicians in the traditional recorded music value chain. Largely, because of mp3 download practices made possible from digital apps (and piracy), concert revenues are often the main source of performers' income.

Apple iTunes podcasts delivering news and updates on artists, industry and mp3 song releases

Podcasts are radio format programs that can be delivered digitally to your mp3 music player app, widget or inbox. The podcasts curated here have been taken from the iTunes archive and are considered noteworthy featuring music industry elites. Hear what goes on in the minds of musical artists as they create their works during insightful interviews. Podcasts featured in this iTunes web widget include Billboard Chart Beat, New York Times Popcast, NPR All Songs Considered, WBEZ Chicago Sound Opinions, Talkhouse Podcast, NOT 97, and Talkhouse Podcast. Please enjoy and check back for regular updates to these podcasts.

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Below this paragraph are curated feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for these highly sought-after musicians bringing tweets directly from their Twitter account as well as well regarded music industry news sources. Of course, you can also use the links from the listed musicians' profiles to directly access their Twitter page.
Be aware that some official websites previewing or selling music may offer streaming previews and/or even free mp3 song download for the listening pleasure of the artist fanbase.

Musical artist profiles, social media links, and mp3 song download links


Country-Trap Rapper Lil Nas X mp3 newsLil Nas X Official Website

Lil Nas X Amazon Pages – Music and More

Lil Nas X Official Facebook

Lil Nas X Official Instagram

Lil Nas X Official Twitter

Lil Nas X Official YouTube Music Channel

Lil Nas X Official SnapChat

Lil Nas X Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Taylor Swift Official Facebook

Taylor Swift Official Instagram

Taylor Swift Official Twitter

Taylor Swift Official YouTube Music Channel

Taylor Swift Official SnapChat

Taylor Swift Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Justin Bieber mp3 song newsJustin Bieber Official Website

Justin Bieber Amazon Pages – Music and More

Justin Bieber Official Facebook

Justin Bieber Official Instagram

Justin Bieber Official Twitter

Justin Bieber Official YouTube Music Channel

Justin Bieber Official SnapChat

Justin Bieber Official Free Music Streaming/Download


RIHANNA mp3 song newsRihanna Official Website

Rihanna Official Instagram

Rihanna Official Twitter

Rihanna Official YouTube Music Channel

Rihanna Official SnapChat

Rihanna Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Kanye West mp3 song newsKanye West Official Website

Kanye West Amazon Pages – Music and More

Kanye West Official Facebook

Kanye West Official Instagram

Kanye West Official Twitter

Kanye West Official YouTube Music Channel

Kanye West Official SnapChat

Kanye West Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Drake mp3 song newsDrake Official Website

Drake Amazon Pages – Music and More

Drake Official Facebook

Drake Official Instagram

Drake Official Twitter

Drake Official YouTube Music Channel

Drake Official SnapChat

Drake Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Beyonce Official Facebook

Beyonce Official Instagram

Beyonce Official Twitter

Beyonce Official YouTube Music Channel

Beyonce Official SnapChat

Beyonce Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Glen Campbell Official Facebook

Glen Campbell Official Instagram

Glen Campbell Official Twitter

Glen Campbell Official YouTube Music Channel

Glen Campbell Official SnapChat

Glen Campbell Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Selena Gomez Official Facebook

Selena Gomez Official Instagram

Selena Gomez Official Twitter

Selena Gomez Official YouTube Music Channel

Selena Gomez Official SnapChat

Selena Gomez Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Elvis Presley mp3 song newsElvis Presley Official Website

Elvis Presley Amazon Pages – Music and More

Elvis Presley Official Facebook

Elvis Presley Official Instagram

Elvis Presley Official Twitter

Elvis Presley Official YouTube Music Channel

Elvis Presley Official SnapChat

Elvis Presley Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Nicki Minaj mp3 song newsNicki Minaj Official Website

Nicki Minaj Amazon Pages – Music and More

Nicki Minaj Official Facebook

Nicki Minaj Official Instagram

Nicki Minaj Official Twitter

Nicki Minaj Official YouTube Music Channel

Nicki Minaj Official SnapChat

Nicki Minaj Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Michael Jackson mp3 song newsMichael Jackson Official Website

Michael Jackson Amazon Pages – Music and More

Michael Jackson Official Facebook

Michael Jackson Official Instagram

Michael Jackson Official Twitter

Michael Jackson Official YouTube Music Channel

Michael Jackson Official SnapChat

Michael Jackson Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Eminem mp3 song newsEminem Official Website

Eminem Amazon Pages – Music and More

Eminem Official Facebook

Eminem Official Instagram

Eminem Official Twitter

Eminem Official YouTube Music Channel

Eminem Official SnapChat

Eminem Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Ed Sheeran mp3 song newsEd Sheeran Official Website

Ed Sheeran Amazon Pages – Music and More

Ed Sheeran Official Facebook

Ed Sheeran Official Instagram

Ed Sheeran Official Twitter

Ed Sheeran Official YouTube Music Channel

Ed Sheeran Official SnapChat

Ed Sheeran Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Miley Cyrus mp3 song newsMiley Cyrus Official Website

Miley Cyrus Amazon Pages – Music and More

Miley Cyrus Official Facebook

Miley Cyrus Official Instagram

Miley Cyrus Official Twitter

Miley Cyrus Official YouTube Music Channel

Miley Cyrus Official SnapChat

Miley Cyrus Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Katy Perry mp3 song newsKaty Perry Official Website

Katy Perry Amazon Pages – Music and More

Katy Perry Official Facebook

Katy Perry Official Instagram

Katy Perry Official Twitter

Katy Perry Official YouTube Music Channel

Katy Perry Official SnapChat

Katy Perry Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Bruno Mars mp3 song newsBruno Mars Official Website

Bruno Mars Amazon Pages– Music and More

Bruno Mars Official Facebook

Bruno Mars Official Instagram

Bruno Mars Official Twitter

Bruno Mars Official YouTube Music Channel

Bruno Mars Official SnapChat

Bruno Mars Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Kendrick Lamar mp3 song newsKendrick Lamar Official Website

Kendrick Lamar Amazon Pages – Music and More

Kendrick Lamar Official Facebook

Kendrick Lamar Official Instagram

Kendrick Lamar Official Twitter

Kendrick Lamar Official YouTube Music Channel

Kendrick Lamar Official SnapChat

Kendrick Lamar Official Free Music Streaming/Download


BTS Bangtan Boys mp3 song newsBTS - Bangtan Boys Official Website

BTS - Bangtan Boys Amazon Pages – Music and More

BTS - Bangtan Boys Official Facebook

BTS - Bangtan Boys Official Instagram

BTS - Bangtan Boys Official Twitter

BTS - Bangtan Boys Official YouTube Music Channel

BTS - Bangtan Boys Official SnapChat

BTS - Bangtan Boys Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Pink mp3 song newsPink (P!nk) Official Website

Pink Amazon Pages – Music and More

Pink Official Facebook

Pink Official Instagram

Pink Official Twitter

Pink Official YouTube Music Channel

Pink Official SnapChat

Pink Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Lady Gaga mp3 song newsLady Gaga Official Website

Lady Gaga Amazon Pages – Music and More

Lady Gaga Official Facebook

Lady Gaga Official Instagram

Lady Gaga Official Twitter

Lady Gaga Official YouTube Music Channel

Lady Gaga Official SnapChat

Lady Gaga Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh mp3 song newsGurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official Website

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Amazon Pages – Music and More

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official Facebook

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official Instagram

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official Twitter

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official YouTube Music Channel

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official SnapChat

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Official Free Music Streaming/Download


Prince mp3 song newsPrince Official Website

Prince Amazon Pages – Music and More

Prince Official Facebook

Prince Official Instagram

Prince Official Twitter

Prince Official YouTube Music Channel

Prince Official SnapChat

Prince Official Free Music Streaming/Download


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